It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Drop Out

by | Mar 18, 2020 | 2020 Election | 0 comments

It’s time for Bernie Sanders to fold ’em. Every additional minute he remains in the race only expands his appearance as a conceited, self-serving spoiler.

It’s done, Bernie. The cake is baked. Joe Biden will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. The only thing you and your supporters will accomplish by hanging on is to foster division and distract from the prime objective: defeating Trump. This distraction serves only to delight Trump and his supporters.

When you finally decide to surrender to the will of the voters and support their choice, your supporters must do the same. Failure to do so will be equivalent to supporting Trump.

You’re a good man with a noble vision, Bernie, but this isn’t 2016. In 2016 we’d had 8 years of stable, competent, well-intentioned leadership from Barack Obama. Voters were open to an expanding, more progressive government. This is 2020 and we are at war. We are at war with the most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous, deranged President in our history. There’s no appetite for the turmoil of an expansive “revolution”. First, Trump must be removed and our vital institutions must be restored. Joe Biden can accomplish this and he will be the Democratic nominee for President.

It’s time to get real, unite, face the facts, get focused and work hard together to restore dignity, decency, competence, and compassion to our Government. We will do this together in November by removing Donald Trump from the White House and his disgraceful enablers from Congress.


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