Trump Is A Whiny Little Child

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Letters to Trump, Unfit Trump | 0 comments

Whiny Trump blames anyone but himself.

Good Morning Donald-

Someone really needs to tell you what a pitiful, whiny little child you are, so it might as well be me. You think you’re being unfairly persecuted and scrutinized by all these mean people. You’re blaming everyone else for your problems. Want to know what the real problem is? Look in the mirror. Want to know why you and your family are being investigated for shady arrangements with Russians? Look in the mirror.

If you at least had the capacity to act like a real President, most of these pesky investigations might have evaporated. All you had to do was:

  • Act like a confident, mature adult.
  • Accept the profound responsibility of the Presidency.
  • Have a willingness to learn about important issues affecting Americans.
  • Show some compassion.
  • Surround yourself with competent, knowledgeable people and heed their advice.
  • Don’t ass kiss Russia and Putin.

It’s amazing that you are unable and/or unwilling to do any of the above. Instead you have chosen to:

  • Act like a spoiled, scared child- blaming others for your shortcomings.
  • Treat the Presidency like a TV game show.
  • Disregard the wealth of information that would inform you about important issues.
  • Promote hate, anger and falsehoods.
  • Surround yourself with sycophants.
  • Ass kiss Russia and Putin.

And the biggest mistake you continue to make is acting like you’re guilty. Are you?


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