Justice For Trump And His Enablers?

by | Nov 12, 2020 | 2020 Election, Corrupt Donald Trump | 0 comments

Justice for Trump

This double standard really galls my turnips! Donald Trump and his cowardly, self-serving enablers can break nearly every rule of law and common decency with relative impunity, yet there are consequences for the rest of us when we misbehave. Most of us have a moral conscience and experience guilt and regret. Trump and his henchmen seem to be missing that feature.

If we get fired, we can’t pretend it never happened. We can’t prevent our replacement from preparing to take our place. Donald Trump has been fired, but with the help of self-centered, corrupt lackeys, he gets to have a delusional hissy fit that endangers our Democracy and national security. If an outgoing Democratic President were to pull a stunt like this, these hypocrites would be marching to the White House with torches and pitchforks- joined by Democrats.

I’m sick and tired of this disgraceful double standard. I pray for these arrogant assholes to be taken down several pegs. I pray for them to suffer consequences for their actions just like the rest of us. I pray for justice.


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