Trump’s Dirty Russian Business Deals

by | Jul 22, 2017 | Letters to Trump, Unfit Trump | 0 comments

Good Morning, Donald!

I see you’re doing a lot of nervous tweeting this morning. Seems you really don’t like being investigated by the press, by Robert Mueller or by anyone. When they start looking at your business dealings, that seems to get under your skin. You get so cranky about it, one might think you had something to hide.

Well, dear Donnie, I’ve got an important news flash for you: It’s not going to stop. And every time you try some bullshit deflection, it just makes you look guilty and intensifies everyone’s interest and determination to find the truth about what you and your Russian friends have been up to.

It won’t end. Even if you manage to get rid of Mueller, it won’t end. It won’t stop. In fact, it will most likely get worse because it will look even more like you’re guilty and have some serious dirt to hide. The press will keep looking. The intelligence community will keep looking. Congress will keep looking. You can’t avoid it. it’s not going away. It’s not going to stop. There’s an army of patriotic, dedicated, blood-thirsty hounds tracking everything you’ve ever done, and they won’t stop until the truth is in firmly their jaws.

So, buckle up, buttercup, because this bumpy ride is just getting started. But if you’ve really got nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong, why worry? Just let it roll off like President Obama did when you were spreading vile rumors about him.


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