Trump Is Not Doing His Job

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Unfit Trump | 0 comments

POTUS is as real a job as there is. It’s a job with daunting responsibilities, power and potential. It’s also a job with lots of lesser responsibilities, all of which are necessary to keep the government running smoothly. But Donald Trump doesn’t like to work, and he doesn’t know how to do a real job with important responsibilities. The sole purpose of his real estate business is to make as much money as possible as easily as possible. This is done by leveraging other people’s money and work.

Donald Trump has no interest in a real job, least of all the hardest job in the world. His sole interest in seeking the Presidency was the same as his interest in his vapid TV shows: narcissistic validation, adulation and money. He likes the prestige, the title, and the ever diminishing positive attention, but the work? Forget about it! He has no interest in learning the hard facts or performing the hard tasks required of a real President.

Instead he spends his time cheerleading bills he’s never read and signing executive orders he knows nothing about. He has access to more accurate and important information than anyone in the world, yet chooses sketchy fake news outlets to validate the notions he pulls out of his ass. He spends a lot of time playing golf and lining his own pockets at great expense to the taxpayers. He stages rallies to garner the love he craves from people he abhors. He holds meetings of no consequence and farts empty euphemisms. But does he study, learn and work to lead and benefit the country? Nope. Not interested.

Donald Trump has no interest in advancing in the job and becoming even a mediocre President. He’s far too busy working overtime to feed a feeble self-image dependent almost entirely upon the approval of others. This is a much easier delusion to pull off as a business entrepreneur or TV show host, but impossible in any government job, least of all President of the United States. Fabricating lies to validate one’s self and searching for fake data to support a fake identity is very time consuming. How can we possibly expect him to have any time left to be a real President?

Trump is unqualified to be POTUS for a host of reasons, but there’s one simple, fundamental reason he should be fired: He’s not doing his job.


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