Trump’s Inevitable Failure

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Unfit Trump | 2 comments

Amid all the wretchedness and danger of Donald Trump & Co., here is where I get some comfort: Unless the laws of the universe have been changed without notice, he cannot avoid failure. Here’s why:

  • Stupid voters, with help from Russia, elected an incompetent, mentally unstable dirt bag.
  • Donald Trump has no interest in being President- just the title and the attention.
  • Donald Trump has no knowledge of or appreciation for the history of our Democratic government.
  • Donald Trump has no knowledge of or appreciation for the role of government.
  • Donald Trump has no knowledge of or appreciation for the Office of President.
  • Donald Trump has no knowledge of or appreciation for the job of President.
  • Donald Trump has no interest in learning about any of the above.
  • Donald Trump cares about no one but Donald Trump and is a pathological liar.
  • Donald Trump is morally corrupt.
  • Donald Trump has appointed equally incompetent, ignorant, uncaring, corrupt people to key positions in our government.
  • Donald Trump is not going to change. If anything, he’s going to get worse under increasing scrutiny and criticism.

How can this be a recipe for anything but failure? Incompetent, careless, disinterested, corrupt people are going to fuck up. It’s inevitable and it’s already happening on a grand scale.

The Trump Administration is going down. The only question is how long will it take for all this incompetence and corruption to end his Presidency. It will end. It has to. Our Government will crumble under the failure of these villains and idiots. The best scenario for everyone would be for Trump to take this advice. In any case, let’s hope the end comes as soon as possible, before more people get hurt.


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  2. Lara

    I totally agree. Well said. Plus the idiot thinks he’s gonna deport Native American’s back to India. Umm Donald, news for you, they are not from India.


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