Sean Spicer Disgrace

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Unfit Trump | 0 comments

Sean Spicer lied to America on nearly every occasion.

I heard Hugh Hewit and others say that they have a lot of “respect” for Sean Spicer, who resigned today as White House Press Secretary. I sure want to steer clear of anyone these folks disrespect!

I don’t know if Sean Spicer had a soul before taking the job in the Trump White House, but if he did, he sold it within days of his appointment. He knowingly lied to the American people on nearly every occasion on behalf of the President of Lies.

He deserves zero respect. Nothing short of a comprehensive confession of his deceit and a sincere apology will ever begin to remove the stench of the lying Trump shit show from him. When his children and grandchildren learn of his disgraceful behavior, they may chose to forgive him, but no one else ever should.



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