Trump Is A Symptom Of Our Stupidity

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Corrupt Donald Trump | 0 comments

Trump symptom of American Stupidity

The American disease known as Donald Trump is a symptom of our collective stupidity, encouraged by Russian propaganda. I started this site in 2016, hoping that any contribution to education, sanity, and truth might help our people and leaders to see the grievous error that was made in November 2016 and allow us to take protective and/or corrective action.

Since my last post in August 2017, I’ve taken my efforts to Twitter in order to more quickly and easily reach my meager 3,000+ followers. In the meantime, we’ve watched Donald Trump take a wrecking ball to the pillars of our Democracy that keep us safe and free. We’ve watched cowardly, self-serving Republicans in Congress abdicate their sworn Constitutional responsibility by turning blind eyes as Trump, piece by piece, deconstructs our Republic into dystopia.

I never imagined that such egregious corruption from a President would be tolerated by the American people or our Congress. I never imagined that a President guilty of such high crimes would not be impeached and removed from office. Our collective, ignorance, stupidity, and apathy elected Trump and the leaders who enable his desecration of our Country. Congress has failed to save us. November 2020 is the last call, the last opportunity to save ourselves from continued destruction.

Has the seemingly endless list of destructive, corrupt behavior by Donald Trump and his cowardly, self-serving, Republican henchmen made us informed, smart and concerned enough to save ourselves in November? I have doubts. There are no mass demonstrations. The MAGAtrons are emboldened by his Impeachment acquittal. The early Democratic Caucuses/Primaries (Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada) do not inspire confidence or demonstrate intelligence if defeating Trump is the objective.

More to come on all of the above- stay tuned.


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