Trump and Conway: Schoolyard Bullies and Sore Winners

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Kellyanne: people do have license to say what ever the heck they want about disgraceful Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and his henchwoman, Kellyanne Conway, are childish, defensive sore winners. Trump’s “punching down” at little guys was a hallmark of his campaign in which he attacked anyone that so much as looked at him the wrong way. And since being elected, his petulant behavior, and that of his surrogates continues, most recently attacking Indianapolis Union Leader, Chuck Jones, who correctly pointed out that Trump and Mike Pence have been fudging the numbers about the Carrier deal.

In an interview on December 8th with Harball’s Chris Matthews, Kellyanne Conway defended Trump’s continuing schoolyard bully attacks, saying:

“He’s just correcting the record.”

No, Kellyanne, it was Mr. Jones who was correcting the record. What your guy Trump was doing was attacking the little guy, as he always does when corrected or criticized. Conway went on to say:

“People feel like with Donald Trump they have license to say what ever the heck they want about this guy, with no consequences, with no blowback. They guy has a right to defend himself, and he rarely draws first blood. It’s when he is attacked he likes to set the record straight.”

This from someone who’s boss constantly pulls bullshit out of his ass without consequences. I’ve got a news flash for you, Kellyanne: people do have license to say what ever the heck they want about this guy, with no consequences, with no blowback, and no, as President-Elect, he doesn’t have the right to attack and bully anyone.

Nicolle Wallace, who was communications director for President George W. Bush and a top strategist to other Republicans:

“When you attack a man for living an ordinary life in an ordinary job, it is bullying. It is cyberbullying. This is a strategy to bully somebody who dissents. That’s what is dark and disturbing.” 

Robert Dallek, presidential historian:

“It’s beneath the dignity of the office. He doesn’t seem to understand that.” 

Frank Sesno, a former CNN Washington bureau chief and now the director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University:

“Anybody who goes on air or goes public and calls out the president has to then live in fear that he is going to seek retribution in the public sphere. That could discourage people from speaking out.”

Kellyanne, your guy, Donald trump is a national disgrace, and therefore it’s not very hard to figure out what that makes you. This is the truth, and yes, I do have license to say it!


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