Flush Trump? Judgment Day for America

by | Nov 3, 2020 | 2020 Election, Corrupt Donald Trump | 1 comment

Flush Trump

To flush or not to flush? This decision will demonstrate who we are.

It’s election day and it’s judgment day, not just for Donald Trump and his enablers, but for the United States. We revealed our ignorance, stupidity, and bigotry in 2016 by electing as President a depraved, mendacious, incompetent, corrupt, racist, treasonous, mentally ill Donald Trump. We also elected and re-elected to Congress enough self-serving, power-hungry, cowardly, hypocritical sell-outs to ignore Trump’s egregious crimes and failures and keep him in office for 4 years.

Over the past 4 years we have watched Trump and his cadre of morally bereft grifters steadily damage and dismantle the components of our Democracy that protect us and make us a good and decent nation. Their closing immoral coup de grâce is the incompetent and careless failure to manage a pandemic that has taken the lives of 230,000 Americans.

Trump and his henchmen are very bad people who should be held accountable for their sins, but ultimately, they are but a symptom of bigger problems: ignorance, stupidity, racism, bigotry, and an electoral college system that put the candidate with 3 million fewer votes in office. Given our long presidential campaigns, it was shocking that in 2016 enough voters failed to see Trump as dangerous and unqualified, and voted for him or a third-party candidate.

This is Election Day 2020 and we’re out of excuses. We’ve had 4 years to see exactly who and what Donald Trump and his enablers are. This election is much more than a referendum on Trump. It’s a referendum on who we are as a people. Here are my endorsements for today’s election:


  • Hate & Bigotry
  • Mendacity
  • Stupidity
  • Incompetence
  • Corruption
  • Embracing Dangerous Adversaries
  • Taxes Favoring the Wealthiest 1%
  • Apathy for Americans Healthcare
  • Incompetent/Non-Existent COVID-19 Plan
  • Selfishness & Greed
  • Mental Illness
  • Treason

Replace With:

  • Decency & Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Intelligence
  • Competence
  • Integrity
  • Embracing Democratic Allies
  • Fair Taxes for All Americans
  • Affordable Healthcare for All
  • Competent COVID-19 Plan
  • Fairness & Generosity
  • Mental Maturity & Stability
  • True Patriotism

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  1. Ron Hendrixon

    America needs to ignore this asshole…..”news” people have to stop writing stories about him….


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